Natural Spa Conditioner Bar

Natural Spa Conditioner Bar

Conditioner is important to keep your hair healthy and soft but that doesnt mean that we need plastic to do that. 


Natural Spa have hand made conditioner bars that work wonders for your hair and come with zero plastic. There is no need for a transition period from your average conditioner too. 

With no SLS or parabens, you hair will be soft and smooth without the coating of silicones. This means that you will not need to wash your hair as much so as well as cutting your plastic usage down, you will be using less too anbd we think this is a double win.


Natural Spa are a small local business (Exmouth) and they hand make all of their products.


Perfect for all hair types

Cruelty Free


No Parabens


Handmade in UK

Supporting small business

  • How To Use

    Run conditioner bar over your hair section by section. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes to allow it to be absorbed then rinse thoroughly, Repeat where necessary.