Eco kitchen Gift Box

Eco kitchen Gift Box

Welcome to a planet friendly kitchen. All of the products in this bundle is plastic free, vegan and friendly to our planet. Our food wraps will stop you having to use cling film, our cutlery will mean you no longer have to use single use plastic cutlery when eating on the go and our stainless steel straws mean you will never have to use a plastic straw ever again. These 3 things will save tonnes of plastic going to landfill and into our oceans. 



1xPack of 3 Eco Living Vegan Food Wraps S,M,L

2x Sets of Coconut Cutlery 2 Knives,Forks and Spoons

2xStainless Steel Straws (colour of your choice)

1x Stainless Straw Cleaner (Cotton or Coconut bristles)


All of the items in this bundle are also sold separately on our website. Simply click on all products and take a look!