Straw Cleaners

Straw Cleaners

Our straw cleaners are 100% Plastic Free!

Did you know that a lot of the stainless straw cleaners have nylon fibres. Although that is better than plastic straws and ecourages people to use stainless steel straws, the bristles can still break down to microfibres, causoing harm to the environment.

Our straw cleaners have a stainless steel handle and the cleaning bristles are either cotton, or coconut. 


The straw cleaners are sold seperately to the straws so that people don't end up having 10 straw cleaners as 2 or 3 are perfectly enough!

  • How to Use

    Put either water or dish soap onto the straw cleaner bristles.

    Put the straw cleaner inside the straw and move in and out, reaching all areas of the straw. 

    Rinse straw cleaner and strw after. 

    Keep straw cleaner dry in between uses so it lasts longer.