Bambaw Reusable Sanitary Pads

Bambaw Reusable Sanitary Pads

Ladies, unfortunartely we have to go through a natural reoccuring nuisance that is our periods and as well as it causing us a lot of issues, it also causes millions of tonnes of waste every year.

But no more!!

Reusable sanitary towels are now more eco friendly and more comfortable than ever. 

The Bambaw collection have 3 sizes; Light, Moderate and Heavy Flow so they are suitable for every womans needs. They are a dark colour so any stains are less visable and they have popper clips to keep them in place and comfortable. 

They are made from bamboo charcoal for softness,microfibre layers for more absorbtion and a strip of PUL (polyurethane) to keep them waterproof. As much as we would love them to be completely plastic free, we still need the waterproof layer.

  • Washing and Care

    After use, rinse out your pad in cold water first to avoid staining, then can be either hand washed or put in the washing machine. Avoid using washing conditioner when washing these pads as it can affect absorbency.

    Not suitable to put in the tumble dryer. Air dry only to avoid shrinkage.