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Our Story

Become one of Earth’s Heroes

About The Earth Fairy

The Earth Fairy Eco Shop is a small company based in Devon, UK. We wanted to start making a change that would reduce the amount of damage we as the human race have and are still doing to the planet by simply changing the products you use day to day. We want to encourage others to make a change no matter how small and spread the word so that together we can help to save Earth. 

So in 2020, when the world stopped, we started The Earth Fairy Eco Shop. Our Online Eco-Friendly Product Store was born due to our love of the planet and our hope to encourage people to ditch plastic and reduce waste in their everyday lives even if its one piece at a time.

Why Bother ?

We wanted to make a way for every individual to do their part to help save the world and we hope that our products will encourage everyone to start making the small changes to live more of an eco friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

Our Products

All of our products are designed to cut down the amount of waste we make, whether that means reusable products, compostable or biodegradable goodies. We have things that are suitable for vegans, made in the UK and we even try to support other small local businesses by buying their handmade, amazing products and offering them to you and your families. 

On our Facebook and Instagram pages there are tips to reuse everyday items, grow veg from scraps and other ways to help the planet. 

Why Shop With Us ?

At The Earth Fairy Eco Shop, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience, one that will keep you coming back to our store time and time again to help remove plastics from our day to day lives.

We hope you enjoy looking through our website and find what you're looking for. Browse our product list and join our sustainable community on Instagram and

Facebook to do our bit for the earth.

You can also join in with voting on what we will add to our expanding website along with chances to win goodie packs. 

We hope that you chose to be one of Earths heroes and help us fight for the planet that we love. 


A Bit About Me

I am Angelica, the owner of The Earth Fairy. I live in South Devon, UK, but I am originally from North Yorkshire. I decided to move down south because it is so much warmer down here and I love the sea. I like to dye my hair every colour that I can, the more mermaid the better. I love animals (especially dogs), travelling, camping, attempting to surf and sunny weather.


I first started realising the impact that humans were having on the planet after watching a David Attemborough documentary. I then started to notice how much rubbish (especially plastic) there was everywhere. I started to cut down the plastic I was using and started picking up bits of rubbish wherever I went and recycled what I could, but thought I could do more. I started looking for plastic alternatives and looked at things that I could do to create less waste. I even started to grow my own veg, but I wanted a way to show others how they could change too, and one sunny day during lockdown number 1 in 2020, I had the idea of The Earth Fairy.

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